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Art Cards & Gifts

Not only do I do collage art pieces, my 'art' consists of hand-made art cards, personalized note cards in sets of 10, 12 or more as needed.  These cards can be as simple or as detailed as you want them to be.  They are made when you tell me what you need...



Fabric Items (Shirts, Aprons) 

Gift Bags 


Handmade Books 

Book Boxes 
(a unique item) 

Envelope Books

Decorative Themed Boxes 


Other items (you won't want to miss these)


Take a look at some of the items created below...Remember, I constantly update these items, so check back often!


Believe Card 

DSC01091.JPG (28720 bytes)

Believe Card & Envelope

Chinese chopstick card.jpg (40819 bytes)

'Chinese Chopstick Card'

France collage card.jpg (51306 bytes)

'France Collage' 

dragonfly field note pg.JPG (149902 bytes)

Dragonfly Card or Collage


postcard girl collage card.jpg (51847 bytes)

'Victorian Postcard Girl' 

Romeo and Juliet card.jpg (43303 bytes)

'Romeo & Juliet'

yaya sisterhood card front.jpg (54917 bytes)

Peacock Feather 

ty card front.jpg (40533 bytes)

Imagine Grid

Jacquies grid card for swap.jpg (36946 bytes)

Celestial Grid


italian card.jpg (65423 bytes)

Italian Card

column card.jpg (50401 bytes)

Column Card

dragonfly imagination card.jpg (40714 bytes)

Dragonfly-Imagination Card

Architecture Postcard.jpg (47767 bytes)

Architecture Postcard 

pink column card.jpg (39811 bytes)

Architecture Postcard 


italian dragonfly.jpg (49098 bytes)

Italian Dragonfly

funky shoes.jpg (43334 bytes)

Funky Shoes

Lady Grid Card.jpg (36130 bytes)

Lady Grid

travel card.jpg (39061 bytes)

Travel Card

victorian imagination.jpg (52935 bytes)

Victorian Imagination


victorian key.jpg (47500 bytes)

Victorian Key

work like card.jpg (22755 bytes)

Work like...

reality+dream with faith card.jpg (20956 bytes)

Dream with Faith

journal art card.jpg (22733 bytes)

Art Journal

dream with faith card.jpg (20841 bytes)

Wisdom & Spirit


believe card.jpg (21380 bytes)


believe+rejoice dragonfly watercolor card.jpg (25345 bytes)

Believe & Rejoice

inside dragonfly imagination.jpg (39719 bytes)
inside female grid card.jpg (35396 bytes)
Cards can also be lined with coordinating papers...  

first person example.jpg (49073 bytes)

This is an example of a message from the baby!

formal ann ex.jpg (34638 bytes)    
A more 'formal' expression...
wacky example.jpg (48965 bytes)    
A 'wacky' version...


blue rear of ann.jpg (18898 bytes)

Reverse of a 'boy' announcement


pink rear of ann.jpg (24174 bytes)

Reverse of 'girl' announcement



Having a Party, or a wedding?  I can create any kind of invitation you desire...contact me and let's talk!


Juliet domino pendant.jpg (19439 bytes)

Juliet' Domino Pendent 

Juliet pendant.jpg (26093 bytes)

  'Juliet' Wooden Pendent

polyclay face pin.jpg (56521 bytes)

  'Clay LadyPin'

blue and green seaglass pin.jpg (33655 bytes)   

Blue & Green Sea
Glass Pin $20

blue and purple seaglass pin.jpg (39858 bytes)

Blue & Purple Sea Glass w/ Dragonfly $25


blue seaglass pin.jpg (43217 bytes)

Blue & Green Sea Glass Pin $30

dragonfly on seaglass and wood.jpg (31681 bytes)

Dragonfly on Orange Glass $35

green dragonfly on wood.jpg (45081 bytes)

Dragonfly on seaglass on wood $35

green glass dragonfly pin.jpg (38466 bytes)

Green Sea Glass w/ Dragonfly $25

purple seaglass pin.jpg (45168 bytes)

Purple & Blue Sea Glass $20

 funky art pins pkg w bride and groom mico-slide pin.jpg (59125 bytes)


 DSC02131.JPG (62283 bytes)   $20

DSC02135.JPG (89176 bytes)  NFS

 rainbow funky art pin.jpg (57135 bytes)  $30

Pins such as these on the left can be made from photos you have...even if you only have a small face...  contact me!   


Silk Scarves -
10" x 60" - can be made specifically for you!


believe silk scarf.jpg (22829 bytes)

Believe Silk Scarf

believe silk scarf2.jpg (23834 bytes)

Believe Silk Scarf
2nd View

jazz silk scarf.jpg (21181 bytes)

Jazz Scarf $30

Believe Desire Passion Silk Scarf  

Travel Voyage Discovery Silk Scarf


grapes silk scarf.jpg (27979 bytes)

Grapes Silk Scarf $30

Hand Dyed/Stamped Silk Scarf $30


hand over my heart line_black.jpg (43423 bytes)


hand over my heart line_black2.jpg (44591 bytes)


This is a collage on a t-shirt... My line I call "Hand Over My Heart"...  This was created with the handprint of my daughter...  Can I create one with your loved one's handprint?  Contact me for details!
Handprint Collage on an apron. Just like the T-shirt to the left, but on an apron!

dragonfly gift bag.jpg (41149 bytes)

Gift Bags made to order to match your gift! Contact me for details!



Journals - Made for Person for whom they are intended...



shell journal.jpg (66737 bytes)

Shell Journal

Christys Journal.jpg (79426 bytes)

Collage Journal (gold)

Butterfly journal.jpg (68558 bytes)

Butterfly Journal

DSC01088.JPG (41029 bytes)

Collage Journal

DSC01090.JPG (45376 bytes)

Collage Journal (rear)


~~Envelope Books~~

These are keepsake treasure books... Each can be designed with any theme and is created with envelopes inside which can then be used to house treasures...

Env Book for Creativity Mingle 2002 Cover.jpg (60129 bytes)
Env Book Pg 1.jpg (56769 bytes)
Env Book Pg 2.jpg (37986 bytes)
Env Book Pg 3.jpg (43729 bytes)
Env Book Pg 4.jpg (40584 bytes)  
Env Book Pg 6.jpg (49976 bytes)
Env Book Pg 7.jpg (61128 bytes)
Envelope Books are commissioned pieces especially for the person they are created for and can range from $25 up depending upon details.

 Envie book ex cover.jpg (29494 bytes)

 envie bk full lg.JPG (207670 bytes)


 envie bk lg pg 1.JPG (218791 bytes)

envie bk lg pg 6-7.JPG (220719 bytes)

Egyptian BoxBook by Jacquie.jpg (46381 bytes)
Egyptian Box Book Inside.jpg (34174 bytes)
leaf box book.jpg (46739 bytes)
leaf box book open.jpg (48978 bytes)
inside leaf box book.jpg (37236 bytes)  
Egyptian Box Book    Size:  4x4   $25
Leaf Box Book      Size:  4x4      $25


Canvas Book - Front


Canvas Book - Back Cover



Canvas Book - Front


Canvas Book - Back Cover

These Canvas Books /Personal Shrines are created especially with a person in mind.  The inside of the book can hold a very special letter or sentiment.  The 'book' is hinged with brass hinges and sits open for viewing.



baby treasures blue box.jpg (53441 bytes)

Baby's Treasures... $25
Wooden box with brass hinges and latch created in cream and blues with brass accents and handmade clay tiles.  These boxes can be personalized.

TY gift for RAK for someone special.jpg (60195 bytes)

Cover of Mardi Gras Box

Iside of TY gift 1.jpg (48313 bytes)

Mardi-Gras Box (Inside)

French postage cigar box.jpg (149033 bytes)

'French Postage' Box

garden treasure box.jpg (61159 bytes)

    Garden Treasure Box (Wooden)


marriage treasure box.jpg (57726 bytes)

Marriage Box Top 

marriage box opened.jpg (63125 bytes)

Marriage Box Opened

marriage box front.jpg (38494 bytes)

Marriage Box Front (Wooden)

Cast Art
(if you need to brighten someone's bad luck--let me know!)
Cast Art Front.jpg (38098 bytes)
Cast Art left side.jpg (64093 bytes)
Cast Back.jpg (44498 bytes)
Cast Art right side.jpg (66033 bytes)  

You can pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

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