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Creativity is A Mindset

       Focusing on mixed-media collage,  Jacquie Delcambre of Collage Impressions is also an instructor, motivational speaker, workshop leader and natural healer, trained in the use of Essential Oils, a Reiki Master and Raindrop Therapy.

     Initially focusing on each art medium individually, Jacquie could not pick just one and felt called to encorporate all into her life work.

     Spirituality and her Love of God brought her to Reiki to help with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  Add to that the stories of her mother's family's natural healing methods of her childhood and it was a natural progression to work with essential oils.
     Her Vision Board Workshops utilize years of study of motivational topics, Spiritual training and Bible study to help others realize that sometimes we all just need to stop, ask questions of ourselves and in prayerful fun go back to our childhood roots to let go and let God help us find the answers. 
God has directed my path to encompass all things creative...

Establishing a studio in a southern, sultry town in the deep south,  Jacquie works to enhance her own creativity and push the boundaries of mixed-media. Her work has won awards, been featured in regional  art and craft shows, and consistently draws attention.

Along with designing and creating collages and various forms of art, Jacquie also hosts a variety of creative classes, motivational events and workshops.

Every moment is an invitation to live out of your weakness or to live out of your strength.

-Marianne Williamson