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Collage Art has always fascinated me.  I find myself mesmerized by the images before me seeing something new each time I look into the images...art has always been a part of me and all of it has found its way to artistic collage.

My quest as an artist is to create a piece that pleases the 'muse' inside and helps to encourage an emotional  connection with the viewer...the intricate detail of color and texture simply does not show up accurately here...

I am commissioned many times to create Individualized, Personal pieces of art for someone.  I do this by interviewing the person about whom the art is to be created for, gathering as much information as I can about what they like, the kind of person they are and how a piece of art can best represent them...

Having desired original art myself, I want to offer an original works of art at an affordable cost...if you see something you desire, OR want me to create something for you, let's talk...

If you are interested in having me create a one-of-a-kind gift for you or someone you know, please contact me at 337-789-6781 or by email.

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My Newest Creations...  Blessings from Heaven

Wisdom From Heaven

Acrylic & Mixed-Media on Canvas

Wisdom From Heaven.jpg (282302 bytes)
More to Come...  
Canvas  Box Books 

Mixed-Media on hinged Canvas

Same Style of Canvas Box Book - different color


Canvas Book Collage.  Hinged with Brass Hinges and inside houses letter to the recipient.   Made especially for someone you love.  $125



Another example of the same style of piece.  Each were created in their favorite colors with special pictures of them throughout their life...


Life is a game2.jpg (45348 bytes)





A Commissioned Piece
"Life is a Game--Play it Often"


Harley Collage.JPG (83861 bytes)

Harley Collage commissioned to use items of owner...
Charge for Services

DSC01675.JPG (46140 bytes)

Commissioned  piece for person retiring from a Major Tobacco Corporation and is also an Avid Fisherman... Note the area to incorporate a Photograph of anything the recipient chooses...Maybe his biggest fish--the one that didn't get away!

wedding collage sample.jpg (53409 bytes)

Wedding Collage - Commissioned for two who loved hiking and the outdoors...also a spot for their wedding photograph to be incorporated into the collage after they receive it...

Bobby Lft Side.jpg (40223 bytes)

A Commissioned Piece for a person who worked in the Tobacco Industry, Loved Water and had many other traits represented in this Collage...
Bobby Rt side.jpg (37915 bytes)

The right side of this Collage...

Baby Collages

Commissioned Piece - For Hannah

Commissioned Piece - For Savannah 16x20






Graduation Gifts

Graduation Gift.jpg (34659 bytes)  
This is a Graduation Gift showcasing the Announcement, Photograph, and could incorporate any other item such as the Graduate's tassle...


sunlight and music w glare.jpg (53253 bytes)        Sunlight and Music.jpg (56430 bytes)
This was a commissioned piece which I called, Sunlight and Music.

love many things on canvas.jpg (45239 bytes)   
 Love Many Things - 16 x 8 on Canvas
NFS - Private Collection

spirituality on canvas04.jpg (33893 bytes)   
Spirituality on Canvas '04
 This is a piece on 14x16 Canvas - my personal collection NFS... 
however, I can create one just for you!  Let me know if interested!   

marble and clay04.jpg (26666 bytes)

Marble and Clay '04
This is another piece out of my personal collection...the four outer pieces are tumbled marble and the inner piece is a clay cast of 'the three graces'...  NFS... however, I can create one especially for you!  Contact me!

hand over my heart line_black.jpg (43423 bytes)        hand over my heart line_black2.jpg (44591 bytes)
This is a collage on a t-shirt... My line I call "Hand Over My Heart"...  This was created 
with the handprint of my  daughter...  Can I create one with your loved one's handprint?  
Contact me for details!

French Shrine.jpg (41241 bytes)                    architectual David collage.jpg (47813 bytes)

                                                French Shrine 2002 (8" x 6")         "David" Collage  (8x10)2003
                                                wall hanging $50                                         $45


   bronze heaven web image.jpg (41887 bytes)                Chinese collage.jpg (45082 bytes)

                        'Bronze Heaven'  2001                    Oriental Collage 2003 
                        (8x10) $45                                                    (8x10) $45 

  russet tapestries in french web image.jpg (36825 bytes)               Rome collage.jpg (152780 bytes)

                        'Russet Tapestries in French'              Italian Collage 2003
                        2001   (8x10) $45                                            11x14   $65

 Journeys in Autumn web image.jpg (44822 bytes)

'Journeys in Autumn' 
2001 (8x10)  $45

grandmothers collage web image.jpg (48674 bytes)

My grandmother's collage    (an example of what can be done with things you love and want to preserve for all to see)
2000 (nfs)

egyptian collage web image.jpg (49982 bytes)

Egyptian Collection Collage  1996 (nfs)

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Search for your treasure web image.JPG (30243 bytes)
 'Search For Your Treasure/1' 2002
8x10    $15

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Time Travel web image.JPG (42284 bytes)

Time Travel 2002 
11x14   $40

Time Line web image.jpg (46187 bytes)

Time Line 2002 
11x14  $60.00

Carnival Masque web image.JPG (69835 bytes)

'Carnival Masque' 2002
11x14 Mixed Media (Clay Mask)

we do not remember days web image.JPG (39649 bytes)

'We do not remember days...' 2002
8x10 Mixed Media  $20

Architectual Design web image2.JPG (38938 bytes)

'Architectural Design' 2002
11x14 Private Collection NFS
(However, this piece can be re-created with YOUR interior colors $40)

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untitled copper and wire beaded piece web image.JPG (26293 bytes)

(Untitled) Copper and Wire Beaded Piece 2002  $40

paris poste web image.jpeg (27725 bytes)

'Paris Poste' 2002
Private Collection NFS

copper coil and curls web image.jpg (51959 bytes)

'Copper Coil and Curls' 2002
5x7    $40

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler web image.JPG (48784 bytes)

'Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler' 2002    Framed   
**This piece recently won an award

copper coil w blue stone untitled web image.jpg (37448 bytes)

'Copper Coil w Blue Stone' 2002   5x7   $40.00

Fleur de Lis web image.jpg (61207 bytes)

'Fleur De Lis' 2002
8x10  $35

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Fire and Ice web image.JPG (38374 bytes)

'Fire and Ice' 2002
*This piece recently won an award
Framed 16x20    $145

Simple Elegance web image.JPG (31973 bytes)

'Simple Elegance' 2001
11x14  $60

Celestial Dreams.jpg (53089 bytes)

'Celestial Dreams' 2001
11 x 10  $75

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